Climate Change:

Climate Change has been a house hold term for over two decades, and most  of us know that its cause is anthropogenic. The impact of Climate change will be most severe amongst the developing world where the poverty is already taking a big toll on people’s lives.
Among the three measures to be taken to deal with climate change, Prevention, Mitigation and Adaptation, Cause Vision plans to devote the environmental segment of our project to the Mitigation and Adaptation measures for Climate Change.
Our educational media material will deliver people in most affected areas, the information of what is climate change, what we can do to slow it down, and how we can live in the world where climate change has already happened.

We are planning to especially focus on the people of the rainforest, education on the climate change, and how to adapt to the climate change and live sustainably yet maintaining their traditional way of life.

People of Rainforest:
Rainforests are the Earth’s oldest living ecosystems.  They are tall, dense jungles.  The climate of a rain forest is very hot and humid, so the animals and plants that exist there thrive in this climate. Stable climates in the world’s rainforests are important to the world’s welfare because they produce plants for clean air, food, and medicine. As the rainforests are destroyed, the climate changes.
The climate of a rain forest is very hot and humid, so the animals and plants that exist there must learn to adapt to this climate. They are important to the world’s welfare because they produce plants for clean air, food, and medicine. Cause Vision plans to devote the environmental segment of our project to the destruction of the rainforests, and how it dramatically causes climate change.. Logging, the usage of lands for cash crops, the establishment of dams, development, debt forgiveness, and mining and industry are among the many causes of deforestation, which in turn brings about climate change, thus reducing global sustainability.. As the rainforests are destroyed, the climate changes.

Only a few decades ago, it was estimated that 14% of the earth’s surface was covered by rainforests. Now, that figure is estimated to be 6%.

Moreover, there is a considerable population indigenous to the rainforests. Their lives are threatened by deforestation because their agricultural patterns change, their diets change, and they become more vulnerable to diseases.

Our education material will include: destruction of the rainforests, and how it dramatically causes climate change. Logging, the usage of lands for cash crops, the establishment of dams, development, debt forgiveness, and mining and industry are among the many causes of deforestation, which in turn brings about climate change, thus reducing global sustainability.

Cause Vision also plans to raise awareness in developed countries by educating people of the global impact of the destruction of rainforests, and how it affects their own welfare. In turn, we hope that people in these developed countries will use their voices to communicate with their governments about their concerns of the destruction of rainforests, its global impact, hence its national impact on them

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