We are happy to announce that Cause Vision’s Comic Book “Hoa va Lan” Stop Human Trafficking in Vietnam, is now a Finalist for Avon Communication Awards 2014, in Innovative Campaign Award category.

Cause Vision is one of the 20 global finalists selected from more than 870 submissions by 303 organizations in 78 countries.

Five winners will be announced towards the end of the month. Whatever happens, we feel very honored already.

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New York, New York (March 10, 2014) – In recognition of International Women’s Day, Cause Vision, a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in New York, was selected as a finalist for the 3rd annual Avon Communications Awards: Speaking Out About Violence Against Women for its outstanding work on “Hoa and Lan” Stop Human Trafficking with comic books in Vietnam” to bring attention, awareness and the need to end violence against women.

Cause Vision is one of 20 global organizations to be chosen as a finalist for the prestigious awards, which recognize outstanding communications campaigns that are helping change communities, policies, institutions and behaviors to end violence against women. The five winning organizations will be chosen by an expert panel of judges and announced at the end of March. Each will receive a US $5,000 grant from the Avon Foundation for Women to fund the continuation of their work.

The top finalists were selected from more than 870 submissions to the Communications X-Change by 303 organizations in 78 countries, ranging from Albania to Nicaragua to Vietnam. The Communications X-Change is a digital global communications library that enables organizations and advocates throughout the world to find, share, and learn from the best communications material focused on ending violence against women and children. The Communications X-Change was developed and is managed by Futures Without Violence and funded by the Avon Foundation.

“The Avon Communications Awards are casting a spotlight on issues that affect one in three women across the globe,” said Carol Kurzig, Avon Foundation for Women President. “Communication and education are critical elements to ignite bystander into action, and without public awareness and education, bystanders often do not intervene to help in abusive situations. We congratulate them on their selection as a finalist from a very competitive selection process with so many outstanding entries.”

“We commend Cause Vision for their innovative use of communications to prevent and ultimately end violence against women and children in every corner of the world,” said Esta Soler, Futures Without Violence President and Founder. “Since the launch of the Communications X-Change, we’ve been continually impressed by the creativity and caliber of the submissions. These campaigns are an inspiration to the violence prevention community across the globe and a catalyst for change.”


The Innovative Campaign Award recognizes innovative and original approaches to presenting messages about ending violence against women and girls through the best information technology, including mobile technology.


Natsuko Utsumi (Founder Cause Vision)





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