“Waiting for Sunrise” New COMIC for THAILAND

50,000 copies of NEW COMIC FOR THAILAND “Waiting for Sunrise”  to be printed end of January 2015.

Cause Vision’s “Comic book for Prevention of Human Trafficking” Project No 5.

We are collaborating with ECPAT Foundation in Chiang Rai, Thailand for production and distribution of our latest comic book “Waiting for Sunrise”
It’s a story about three Junior High best friends whose fates separate their lives.  Fah, Wee and Nat are all from poor family in the northern Thailand.
This comic with embedded message on human trafficking will teach students and their families about “risks of human trafficking” and teach them the importance of education.
Episodes are inspired from real cases happening in Thailand.  Beautiful comic art is done by Ms Michiyo Akaishi, one of the most prominent Manga comic artist in Japan.
About Michiyo Akaishi:
Award-winning Michiyo Akaishi is one of the most prominent Japanese comic artists in Japan. She has 35 years of experience as a comic artist, and currently runs three regular serial comics for magazines for girls. Michiyo has published nearly 200 comics books, and some of them have been translated into foreign languages including Thai. CauseVision is proud and grateful to work with her.  To learn more about Michiyo’s work, please visit http://www.akaishi-michiyo.com.

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