Public Health

Cause Vision Created a handbook “Wash your Hands” to educate Cambodian Children about importance of Handwashing. Booklet is designed in a way that people can understand without any reading skills. Public Health   The second area on which Cause Vision will focus is education/awareness  on public health issues. Sanitation and Hygiene Education An example is [...]

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Climate Change: Climate Change has been a house hold term for over two decades, and most  of us know that its cause is anthropogenic. The impact of Climate change will be most severe amongst the developing world where the poverty is already taking a big toll on people’s lives. Among the three measures to be taken to deal with climate change, Prevention, Mitigation and Adaptation, Cause Vision plans to devote the environmental segment [...]

Human Rights

The third area on which Cause Vision will focus is education/awareness on human rights issues. Forced Marriage: An example in this area is that of forced marriage and honor killings. Force Marriage has been officially recognized by the United Nations through the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as a form of violence against women and girls. The right to marry only [...]

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