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“Las Mariposas”  - Educational  Manga Comic Book for prevention of Human Trafficking



The “Stop Human Trafficking Comic Book Series” is the first installment in a series of projects by Cause Vision, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing media for educational and awareness purposes. This  particular project’s aim is to educate people who are susceptible to becoming victims of human trafficking. Our cultural and age-appropriate comic book serves this mission very effectively, as the visual format not only paints a vivid picture of the dangers of human trafficking, but also caters to those with low reading levels. This first project, the comic book “Evelina”, tells the story of 14-year-old Mexican girl who fell victim to human trafficking. This story raises awareness among young women in Mexico and their families to the risks of human trafficking (distinct from human smuggling). The comic book, our medium of generating awareness, is most resonant with readers of all ages, has established itself as the primary medium in literary popular culture over the last few decades.

Why are we presenting Evelina in a comic book format?

Visual storytelling has played an integral part of human history. Eventually, the art of visual storytelling began to manifest itself in a book, completely devoted to illustration. These books, known as comic books, originally saw its popularity in a segmented artistic subculture. However, they found their way into mainstream culture and their popularity has soared. To this day, the comic book remains one of the most popular artistic media in the world. In Japan, a popular form of the comic book, known as Manga, has been a very popular medium for all generations. It has demonstrated its power to transform almost any written material into graphic media, making it more immediately accessible and fun. Manga has made immortal literary works such as Shakespeare and ancient Greek theatre more palatable without compromising literary integrity. Additionally, Manga has proven very effective in educating students of all ages in the disciplines of science, mathematics, history, philosophy and politics. Because Manga is a visual art form, it makes arcane subjects accessible and comprehensible to everyone, regardless of reading level, without dumbing down the subject matter’s intended message.

Consequently, we see the ability for Japanese Manga to become a powerful teaching tool for social change; it is a very effective means by which to disseminate vital information to improve and even protect people’s lives through Manga’s cautionary tales related to decision-making.  Consider: A recent US State Department report cites that 775 million people, or 11% of the global population are completely illiterate; two thirds of them are girls and women. Larger percentages read dramatically below their age levels.  However, the visual art medium is more globally accessible. So how can everyone lead the safer and healthier lives to which they’re entitled? There are many communities not just in Third World countries, but in developed countries as well that lack sufficient infrastructure, particularly electricity, which precludes their access to technology and knowledge and use of basic life skills.  Manga comic books, in hard paper copies, will be shared and used between friends and families, thus circumventing the problems mentioned above.


Six Comic Books in 10 languages:

Since Dec 2010, Cause Vision has produced six comic books on human trafficking and one booklet on “hand washing” in 10 languages.







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