CAUSE VISION produces media and materials to inform and educate communities on issues directly relevant to their people; these materials are conceived and produced to be disseminated among communities most in need of these welfare-enhancing resources.

Our mission to educate people about such issues is rooted in our desire to promote social and behavioral change that ultimately leads to improving populations’ well-being. Such materials are to be distributed through local organizations that reach out to those communities and educate them.

To support such local grassroots organizations’ activities, we provide social marketing and media consulting, as well as media production at marginal cost, depending of the funding and the size of the applicable organizations. Cause Vision’s projects will include the most appropriate media to educate global communities on

  • Human Rights;
  • Public Health; and
  • Environmental Sustainability
Executive Directors
Natsuko Utsumi - Founder and President  of Cause VIsion. Ms. Utsumi’s professional experiences include  work as a photojournalist and author. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Konan University in Japan. Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Kennnedy School of Government at Harvard University.  For more information, visit http://www.natsukoutsumi.com.

Nathaniel Wice – Vice President of Cause Vision. Mr. Wice’s professional endeavors include his having been an author, and an editor at Time Magazine. He been an Entrepreneur as the Founder and  President of Apptitude Systems. Mr. Wice holds a BA from Harvard University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Wharton School at  the University of Pennsylvania. For more information on Apptitude Systems, please visit http://www.apptitudesystems.com.

Nicole Barrett - Nicole Barrett is Director of the Joint International Justice and Human Rights Clinic at Osgoode Hall and University of British Columbia Law Schools. She was previously aTrial Lawyer and a Legal Officer for the International Criminal Tribunal for the formerYugoslavia in The Hague and a Senior Scholar in Residence at New York University LawSchool’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, where she directed legal projectswith international criminal courts and tribunals.National Task Force on the Trafficking ofWomen and Girls in Canada convened by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Paul Weissman – Founder and CEO of Centenium Advisors. Mr. Weissman received a B.A. in anthropology from Vassar College and Masters Degrees in public health and urban planning from Columbia University.

Deborah Quigley
Outreach Consultant, Honolulu HI
Deborah is child protection advocate and human trafficking awareness trainer, particularly in the area of airline, airport and tourism industry. Deborah is a former active member of  Airline Ambassador, specializing education on human trafficking.

Gregorio Aranda

Project Assessment Advisor, Madrid Spain.

Gregorio has worked for International organizations including UNICEF and UNHCR in Africa, Arab and Latin American countries.  He has a Master degree in International Relations and Communication, Political Science from Complutense in Madrid.


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