Micro-Information Model

Micro-finance has changed many lives throughout the world, enabling those who had no access to credit to engage in small-scale economic activities. Likewise, Cause Vision believes that what we call a “micro-information” model can parallel the success of the “micro-finance” concept. Micro-information can also improve the lives of people who do not have access to sufficient and necessary information and knowledge regarding issues relevant to their well-being. As we live in an information-saturated society, the marginal utility of a piece of a conventionally-sized means of information has gone as far as it can go. However, in places without access to such media outlets, a smaller, more efficient model of delivering more palatable, more digestible and accessible pieces of information can have a more dramatic impact on its intended population. Nevertheless, many local grassroots organizations that work hard in their respective communities lack proper funds, business acumen, technology or skills to produce and distribute vital and accessible life-improving information. This is where CAUSE VISION comes in. We rely on the visual arts format to implement our micro-information model for these grassroots organizations’ aims.  This way, we directly provide them with our tools that promote safer and healthier means by which their intended audiences can live their lives.


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